Philippines enforces electronic cigarette licensing system

Viewers:834     Update Time:2019-06-09     Source:ALD

  According to foreign media reports, after the introduction of the new e-cigarette policy, the Philippines will force all manufacturers, sellers and distributors of e-cigarettes and distributors to obtain licenses. 


  On 9 June, the Philippine Department of Health issued an executive order requiring all e-cigarette-related enterprises to obtain a licence from the Philippine Food and Drug Administration, including nicotine-free e-cigarette products. 


  The Philippine Food and Drug Administration says it hopes to ban in the future tobacco oil or smoke bombs that may appeal to teenagers or are specially prepared for young people. It also requires the use of anti-counterfeiting packaging and additional health warnings on electronic cigarette equipment such as smoke bombs and atomizers. 


  At the same time, users are not allowed to use e-cigarettes in public places, only in the designated e-cigarette area. 


  On the other hand, Philippine Minister of Trade and Industry RamonM.Lopez also called for more consultations and exchanges with the e-cigarette industry, which also has great potential for job creation.